Model built by Randy Stuart

I received an email from the original model builder with a link to a photo portfolio of his work on this model.  Here's what Randy Stuart has to say ...

Dear Chris Shields,

Here is the link to my photobucket album with my MIM Icarus that you have when it was at the IPMS show if you would like to include it in your site.

As was pointed out earlier this version of the ship has landing skids instead of wheels. I thought skids would be more reliable than rubber wheels and I also remembered an early concept for the Gemini capsule that had them landing on a dry lake bed using a Rogallo wing for lift.

The base is from the kit and the figure is a WWII 1/32 scale figure that I sanded down to look more like the flight suits seen in the movie and it provides a scale representation.

-Randy Stuart

For those who may not be familiar with the Rogallo type wing, here is a picture of it.  Note the landing skids just like Randy modeled.

Gemini capsule with Rogallo-type wing

courtesy of the "Space in Miniature" page



Someone has built this 1/35th scale Monsters in Motion ANSA "Icarus" model!  Here is a picture from the third annual Sci-Fi Model Con which was held this past January in Atlanta, GA, in conjunction with the IPMS/Northmen's show.  Those who attended may recognize the model or the modeler. 

Do you see it?  Look at the scale size!  I caught this picture off of STARSHIP MODELER, with photo credit by Leelan Lampkins.  Pictured are (R-L); 2001 Orion III space plane, "Icarus", Lensman Galactic Patrol cruiser (from the really bad anime), and the Halcyon model of the Sulaco from the movie Aliens.  You can see the scale of the MIM "Icarus" here as it has been modeled with several 1/35th scale figures, probably kitbashed as I know of no 1/35th scale astronauts that are commercially available. 

wpeA7.jpg (14141 bytes)

After visiting this page, Joe Brown emailed me with this picture that he took of the model above.

wpe3E.jpg (25283 bytes)

Here is his email...


I'm Joe Brown; Leelan Lamkins, Steve Iverson & I were all at the Feb. 2001 Atlanta Model show. The Orion III, Lensman Brittania II ship, and the Sulaco kit were part of the collection of entries that I brought -I'm not requesting credit, I'm just letting you know who brought those!

Attached is a jpeg that I took of the Icarus, from the other side of the table that Leelan was on - it was funny, we were both going down the sides of the table, he'd shoot a pic, I'd shoot a pic - almost like we were working as a team! Anyway, I hope you can use this jpeg of the Icarus on your site.

Happy modeling,

Joe Brown

Thanks, Joe! 

Notice, folks, that THIS Icarus has LANDING STRUTS!   Interesting!  I don't think we've approached that angle before, but it is similar to the Finned Gemini reentry concept.  I guess it just goes back to what William Creber says, "What NASA was doing in those days."



I received this email from Joe Brown the other day ...


I'm Joe Brown - and I think that 'Long Time No Write' should be my Indian (Native American) Name. Anyway, over at Starship Modeler's discussion boards, some Icarus models were being discussed, and no one had brought up your great website. So I did, and shared the link - and promptly received an e-mail from Randy Stuart.

After he & I exchanged some e-mails, it became apparent that I had sent you a poorly worded e-mail years ago, concerning the Atlanta IPMS/Northmen show back in 2001. Somehow, I had given you the impression that in addition to my models at that show, the Icarus was mine too.

This is wrong!

I do have a Wilco Models Icarus - still unprimed, unbuilt, and unpainted. The first picture I sent you showed an Orion III, the Tomy Lensman Brittania II starship, and the Halcyon Sulaco kit. My second picture should have been the landing gear equipped Icarus with a ground crewman standing next to it -- that one was built and displayed by Randy Stuart, not by me! Heck, I can't paint that well!

I personally feel very foolish, and I would like to apologize for any hassle that this causes to anyone.

Why am I am bringing all of this to your attention? Because on the Models page of your site, you are giving me credit for Randy's model, and he just recently got in touch with and brought this politely to my attention.

Again, I apologize for this mix-up, and for not catching it any earlier than this.


Joe Brown





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