For better or worse you have somehow reached the domain of Christopher T. Shields, aka "BLACK ECHO," also known colloquially as "the Dark One," and the domain otherwise known simply as "goingfaster."  How you got here isn't important, simply the fact that you are here is all that matters.  Call it luck, call it fate, call it what you will, but something brought you to my domain and that much you have to accept as truth.  You are here, now, so you might as well accept it.

The suffix of the domain would imply a commercial or business oriented website to most net geeks, but this is not always the case.  At one time this domain was home to the SONS OF NIPPON SPORTSWEAR COMPANY (SONSCO) as a commercial venture, selling decals and custom sports wear to sport bike and import sports car owners.  It turned, through a series of life and near death experiences, into something much deeper and moved away from simple commercialism toward a more personal introspection of my life and life in general. 

Going faster is a way of life for me, it is my guiding principle of being; to do more with less, to excel where others don't even try, to take the paths less walked, and to constantly strive to be better all the time than I ever was before.  To do more today than I did yesterday.  To go faster, higher, and farther than even I would have imagined was possible, to become smarter, to gain wisdom, and to use every single bit of my mortal being to accomplish something new each day, to find the limits of my very soul, and transcend them in a burst of light and glory.

Or just to have a hell of a lot of fun trying. is is a vast sub-network of very detailed websites dealing with a wide variety of subjects and matter, created solely for my own amusement and benefit.   If you find them amusing or beneficial, then so much the better.   If I can in any small way by some small effort of my own highly inadequate creativity entertain others of my own species, then I will have accomplished in life what so many others simply fail to do and this will all have been worth it.  I might even smile.  Don't get your hopes up, though.  I'm a loner and Stoic by nature, not at all an Epicurean.

Merely by visiting these pages, you inherently agree to certain conditions as specified below:

For the most part these pages contain various information about my own life and various interests as well as my various hobbies (and various alternate personalities or even the super secret identity of my crime fighting superhero alter-ego, if you can find it).  On various parts of my various sites, you will find various references to other various sites that are wholly not controlled by me.  By visiting these other various sites,  you may learn more about my various interests in life and the various things that make me happy.  I do not administer the content of these various other sites and thus have no control over the various things that you may find there.

That was a lot of uses of the word "various."  Did you pick up on that?  


I have made an above reasonable effort to ensure that all information provided within this sub-network of websites is as accurate as possible to the best of my knowledge, but as with any living document, errors will creep in. These include the odd and stray spelling and grammar errors which, while wholly unintentional, may be nevertheless humorous or disconcerting. It is entirely the responsibility of you, the web visitor to watch out for these special features and avoid being mugged by them.  I accept no liability for any inaccuracies or omissions. Any decisions, good or bad, that you make based on information that you have received from visiting these sites are entirely your own responsibility and you will have to live with them.

I make no representations or warranties about the information provided through this web site, including any hypertext links or any other included items used either directly or indirectly.  Like all things in life, these websites and all information contained therein can be used for either good or evil.  How you choose to use what you find here will define you as a person.

I reserve the right to make changes and corrections at any time, without notice, most likely at the strangest hours. I accept no liability for any direct, special, indirect, or consequential damages, or any other damages of any kind resulting from any cause through the use of any information obtained either directly or indirectly from this site or any to which it is linked.

I will make you laugh.

I will make you cry.

I will make you love me.

I will make you hate me.

I will cause you to generate new and wholly original thoughts on your own, painful as this may be.   This process may also be a new concept to some of you, to others it will be a refreshing change from what they have found on the rest of the Internet.

I will make you ask questions of yourself, of the world around you, and of many other topics and subjects.  I will make you question what you worship and why.  I will make you question your beliefs and what you calmly take for granted.

I will jump start your brain by kicking your ass.

In addition, and I cannot stress this enough, the following warning applies to this site and all the contents found therein:

WARNING:  This site may contain new and original offensive language and humorous or off-color material to those of you who are intellectually challenged and may not be suitable for small children, overly sensitive adults, the typical NASCAR fan, retards, politically correct pinheads, soccer moms, environmentalist whackos, tree hugging hippies, vegetarians, fans of rap music, animal over human rights activists, bleeding heart liberals, democrats, junk science types, very low intellect semi-domesticated wrench swinging gibbons with deplorable typing skills, chat room Nazis, limp wristed sissies, anyone wanting a handout from society, or any of the inbred redneck stumpfuck hill scoggins who ride Harley Davidsons. 

Either directly, by way of my own personality, or indirectly, by way of links to other sites, you may find there are things on this site and on the Internet that you would prefer not to see or that may make you uncomfortable in the secure little box that you have built around your fragile little fantasy world.  As usual, you may continue at your own discretion or you may leave now for what you may view as greener pastures.  If you decide to stay, then you must understand that no information contained in this web site constitutes or shall be deemed to constitute an invitation to waste even more of either your or my time.


Disclaimer and Legal Notice- Not that anyone would want to steal it (I know that you are all basically and inherently creatures of the white light and in being so, cannot possibly do any evil...), but all the original content on this site is copyright 1998 by Christopher T. Shields.  All Rights Reserved. All other copyrights are held by their respective owners and are mentioned as such when so used.  By virtue of its presence on the world wide web you are granted a non-exclusive license for non-commercial purposes.

May you sit naked in Hell for all eternity with your tender rectum resting squarely upon the sharp end of a red hot barbed stalagmite, all the while you are tormented forever by hideous demons who force you to listen to endless Barry Manilow and Elton John duets of Ashlee Simpson's greatest hits, let this fate befall all those who so much as plagiarize one single word from my work.