"It felt strange for this to be my death, it didn't feel right.  My frustration was that my death didn't fit me. 
It was the wrong size, too small, and I refused to wear it."
Christopher T. Shields











1986 PONTIAC FIREBIRD TRANS AM November 23, 2012   The restoration and ownership of a now extinct breed of classic American high performance grand touring sports coupe.  Come back to a time when Pontiac really did build excitement and a time when there actually was a Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors.
1986 PONTIAC FIREBIRD TRANS AM DIARY May 27, 2013   The blog of TA ownership, updated semi-infrequently and nearly sometimes.
2004 HONDA CBR600RR July 18, 2010   A supersport bike descended from a world class championship winning design with ergonomics that would make a Spartan think twice about swinging his legs over the hump.  A little over 400 pounds wet, 115 horsepower, 10 second quarter miles, 165mph top speed and 42 plus miles per gallon.  Too bad America can't build something like this but then again, America just ain't what it used to be ...
ANGST & SPEED January 1, 2014   My blog: also updated semi-infrequently and nearly sometimes.  Deal with it.
AMERICAN ANGST March 15, 2014 Harleys are jokes and I've made fun of the flag-slathered, trend humping, fashion lemmings and the ridiculous chrome plated, open piped, dildo yachts that they worship since 1993.  Join in the fun.  It's easy to do because they hand you all the material in advance!
BLACK VAULT August 3, 2006   A collection of original fiction novelettes, award winning short stories, haiku, partial fragments and dark poetry spanning several decades.
DARK THOUGHTS December 23, 2008   An optipessimistic view of life in general ... I look forward to seeing the dumb in people.
DATAPULSE December 27, 2009   Fast and furious 21st century tactical ground combat in the world of Metagaming and later Steve Jackson's OGRE and GEV microgames (first produced circa 1977 A.D.).
February 22, 2013   America's first interstellar mission and its remarkable failure.  Studying and extrapolating the spaceflight technology behind the classic Planet of the Apes movies.
THE MARCH OF THE TWELVE BACKS March 14, 2014   A blog celebrating the memories of growing up, through and out of "Star Wars" and experiencing the magic and awe of the 1977 blockbuster movie as a wide eyed 8 year old child.
A SLIVER OF CHILDHOOD REMEMBERED May 11, 2013   A decade long personal quest to track down, learn about, meet the artists of and acquire several vintage pieces of 1970's iconic science fiction art.
TALES FROM THE DRIVER'S SEAT September 9, 2013   Real life tales, humor and stories from the street and from my life, submitted for your entertainment.  I've had a very, very interesting life so far.
TERMINATOR : 2029 AD - RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINES April 5, 2011   "The Machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire ... "   Continuing James Cameron's epic tale of Man vs. Machine as originally told in his 1984 blockbuster movie "THE TERMINATOR" .


"Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained."
- William Blake

"Faster!  Faster!  Until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of Death!"
-Hunter S. Thompson




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